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    October 1, 2012 by  
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    Hi, I am a naughty latino and I love to have camsex in leather. Wanne play with me?


    Chat and livecam with a gay latin boy

    Gay dominance

    September 30, 2012 by  
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    A dom fucks a gay sub

    Gay dom Spencer makes him suck his hard big cock and flogs him until he begs for relief. Now the gay dom fucks the hell out of this cute submissiveand gay  male. With Brock’s balls clipped to the ground Spencer flogs him until he rips out of the hard bondage but not out from under Spencer’s gay dominance, and is made to clean and worship his boot. Check out the gay bdsm clip.


    A whipped gay sub screams in pain

    Gay dom cums in his face

    September 29, 2012 by  
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    Watch a free preview clip of this gay bondage session. Gay dom Avery throws the gay boys on the big table and fucks the hell out of their hot asses making Jesse cum all over himself then he busts his load all over sub Derek’s cute face. Master Van straps him to a cold metal chair, covers his head in a white pillowcase, covers him in clips, and blasts him with a hose making the bound gay boy scream for mercy.

    a dom guy cums in a gay subs face


    A gay slave with black leather mask has to do a blowjob

    Violet wand in his butthole

    September 28, 2012 by  
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    A gay male receives asstorture with a violet wand

    The gay dom tortures the asshole of this gay slave with the violet wand. Fully suspended with his ass exposed, gay slave boy Steve receives the violet wand. The arc of the electricity makes him scream and twist in the suspension. Master Christian then violate his butthole with the violet wand and then his own big cock one more time. He covers the boy in his hot cum and leaves him alone in the basement. Watch the Gay BDSM Trailer for free.


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    Gay cock torture session

    A gay dom uses and abuses Leo

    September 27, 2012 by  
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    Gay slave endures painful zipper

    The gay dom crops slave Leo as he makes the boy worship his leather. After a good gay cock sucking in bondage the real gay BDSM challenge can begin. In full bondage the gay slave’s balls are pulled yanking him off the ground. Then in one of the most daring gay zippers you’ll ever see on this gay BDSM site Leo has clothespins clipped to him and tied off all around the room. Gay Master Wilfried suspends the gay sub Leo ripping the clips off and sending Leo into sub-space. When the gay boy returns the sexy gay master rewards him with a really hard flogging and an even harder gay asshole fuck. Leo ends the gay bdsm session covered in both their loads. Yummy, I hope he loves the cum of his gay master! Watch the Trailer of this gay bdsm movie.


    subby gets fucked by gay dom

    Gay bondage live show

    January 29, 2011 by  
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    Today we have a live gay bdsm shoot and everyone is in the chat room to enjoy the action. We are streaming live via internet and the viewing members are calling all the shots. In this session, gay boys Leo and Josh are competing for Josh West’s load. Members request the butterfly nipple clamps on Leo and sexy Josh´s nipples. They cheer as the bound gay slaves pull the clamps off each other’s nipples. There are requests for a metal cage each of our live shows. Much to everyone’s delight we pull out the cage in this shoot. Josh gets electrified and fucked in the cage by hard guy Josh. Both gays squat on a Sybian vibrator and it pumps the cum out of them. Beefy Josh sprays his load on the cute boys and that ends one intense live shoot!. Have fun with some more pics of this gay bdsm liveshow and a gay bondage tube clip!

    A gay in straitjacket made to worship feet

    January 23, 2011 by  
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    Gay Phenix is in the psycho ward and he’s restless. Struggling in his tight straitjacket and screaming loud for help, the kinky night orderly Mr. Miller comes to the rescue. He is made to worship the naked feet of this gay boy. The young gay boy Phenix has jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. Turned on by stud’s body, Jason uses some chloroform to have his way. The twisted orderly ties up Phenix in the hospital bed and zaps him with electricity. Beefy Phenix screams loud in agony and uses all of his strength to break free. Pissed, Phenix restrains Jason and punishes him even harder. After flogging and caning his ass, Phenix plows his hard and big cock into it and cums all over his face. Some more gay bondage pictures and a gay foot worship tube movie

    Using an ass spreader to fuck this gay slut

    January 19, 2011 by  
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    Our locker room is emptying out and beefy gay Emanuel is the only track athlete left. After a very hard workout, Emanuel is taking a long and  hot shower. As any other stud his age, he gets turned on by the minute so he starts to jacks off in the shower. The creepy janitor is secretly enjoying the gay jack off show. He jumps on the boy and ties him up. Emanuel is made to suck the janitor’s hard cock and he gets roughed up and humiliated. The twisted bastard takes him to his room, duct tapes the boy and fucks the hell out of him. Some nice pics of this ass spreading session and a kinky gay bdsm tube video of this bound beefy slave

    A gay bdsm slave showing off his 10 inch cock

    January 15, 2011 by  
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    Gay bdsm loving Hayden shows up with a 10 inch cock and he wants to dom on BG. Hayden is new to BDSM so it’s a good idea to tie him up and give this gay bdsm boy an intro to bondage and some corporal. Respect for the bondage sets in when he feels the numbness within minutes of getting tied up. The kinky gay slave boy Matthew Singer comes in and gives head while Hayden receives a nice and painful flogging. Both gay studs get tied up and the first one to break free will fuck the hell out of the other one in strict bondage. Here are some more gay bdsm pictures and I´ve posted a gay bondage clip at a tube site.


    A Gay Private gets fucked

    January 13, 2011 by  
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    Private Spencer is doing clean up duty at the Fort when bad  lieutenant Mr. Ferelli walks in. Beefy boys like Spencer are rare on base and Vince is checking the gay boy out. Using his military rank to harass the sexy stud, Vince makes Spencer do push-ups and a nice amount of sit-ups. Vince ties up his innocent but good looking victim and sucks his hard cock. Confused, Spencer begs his lieutenant to stop. Vince gets carried away and tries to fuck the helpless stud´s asshole. Spencer breaks free and gives the bad lieutenant a taste of his own kinky medicine. Check out the gay bondage pics and the free gay bdsm movie.

    Bound Gay in Public

    October 16, 2010 by  
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    Boiling hot gay Trent Diesel is bound and stripped naked in front a room full of horny men. The gay boys receives him with open arms as they grope and stroke his raging hard cock. The public slave is made to suck the guest’s cocks before choking on Josh West’s massive member. Blindfolded and bound to a massive table he receives spit and beer all over his naked body, ass fucked, and turned into a cum receptacle. Flipped over and bound by audience members, our superhero cums while ridding Scott’s fat and hard cock. Click here to watch the free gay fetish tube clip.


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    Fetish Enema Games

    September 29, 2010 by  
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    Ton is back online! Sometimes I like playing with enema. It just feels awesome when you have a full stomack of water and after some minutes you can feel it is going out of you. I´ve uploaded a gay enema clip, have fun watching it!

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    Live BDSM Shoot

    September 28, 2010 by  
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    It was a hot bdsm live shoot and the chat room was full. We are streaming live via the internet and the viewing bdsm loving members are calling the shots. This time, Dylan and Gianni are competing for Josh West’s load. At some members’ requests, the boys are in chastity devices and licking the doms’ black leather boots. The word wax starts to pop up in the chat room. Dylan and Gianni scream in agony as the wax pours down their bodies and slavecocks. There are also requests for single tail whip and the boys endure it quite nicely. Josh whips out his huge cock and chokes them with it. And then, the submissive boys get tied up and suspended. Josh impales their swinging asses with his huge fat cock while they moan in ecstasy. Enjoy the GAY BDSM TUBE clip.

    Gay Electricity Torment

    September 13, 2010 by  
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    After his very first BDSM fuck a few days ago, the gay fetish boy Zach heads back to the bar again. He’s looking for Spencer, but it’s his day off, and Christian Wilde is working the shift. All horned up, Zach begs Christian for a BDSM session. Christian has a nice playroom down the street and Zach eagerly follows. This time, fetish boy Zach gets a taste of electricity, both internal and external. He begs for mercy and ends up in more fuckable bondage positions. This time, Zach gets fucked completely suspended off the ground. The dom pounds the cum out of Zach and literally showers him with loads of hot cum. I have posted a free bdsm trailer at this gay fetish tube.


    Gay Bondage

    July 22, 2010 by  
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    Fresh fuckable meat James is tied up in the pipe room along with DJ. In full leather, Dom Brenn Wyson enters the room and he is ready to play some kinky bdsm games. The dom rips off the boys’ clothes and smacks their hard and big cocks. He puts them in leather hoods and straps them to the metal pipes. Leather slave James watches in horror as DJ gets the heavy corporal. Brenn uses and abuses SM slave James and milks his huge fat cock. He then suspends DJ and gives him a nasty bondage fuck of his life. Brenn fucks the cum out of the slutboy and blows his wad all over his body. It was a great day with a lot of pain and hardcore gay sex. Check out the Gay BDSM Tube video!


    The submission of a gay SM slave

    July 21, 2010 by  
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    Pain loving Cameron is brand new to BDSM but he’s a tough slave boy. He begs for Master Spencer Reed as his first dom. Spencer says sure to the new gay BDSM slave and he wants to put the fetish boy through his limits. Spencer strings up the gay slave on his wrists and flogs his naked body and ass. Trying extremely hard to satisfy his dom, Cameron begs for more punishments. Spencer fucks him with his ankles suspended in mid air. He puts the slutty boy in a wooden stockade and slams the bamboo cane to the boy’s hot ass. He then fucks the bondage slave some more and cums all over his sexy body. Watch Cameron suffer in this gay fetish tube clip.


    Gay Shoe Sniffing

    July 15, 2010 by  
    Filed under Foot and Shoe Fetish

    Bound gay forced to sniff athletic shoes

    In this shoe and foot fetish session we have a cute twink about to get his first taste of foot worship and shoe sniffing. He is tied and bound as a well used athletic shoe is shoved into his face. I think he loves stinky shoes of cute gay boys!. He has to sniff in that stench until he wants to gag. This is just the beginning for this novice to stinky shoes and foot worship. He then has his face accosted by a smelly and moist sock and before the end his ass is turned beet red, by that same shoe as it gets beaten on his ass over and over again. Here you can watch the free Gay Fetish Tube Clip, have fun :-)


    Twink has to do shoe sniffing Twink sniffs well worn shoes and stinky socks

    Rough gay sex and bdsm

    July 2, 2010 by  
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    Gay Foot slave

    Gay boy Luke just got out of prison and is already involved in a ransom scheme. Holding up in an old, messy trailer, in the middle of the forest, he’s watching over Phenix Saint while his buddy is trying to get the ransom money. Running out of beer, Master Luke is bored, frustrated and getting horny as hell. He takes it out on his slave who is tied up in the closet. Phenix gets flogged and is made to suck Luke´s big cock. When Luke passes out on the couch, the foot slave Luke breaks free and turns the tables on him. It’s no longer about sex, it’s now about power. Phenix ties Luke to the sleeper sofa and gives him a taste of his own medicine. He then suspends Luke from the ceiling fan and fucks him until he screams for mercy. But Phenix shows no mercy!

    Gay fetish paysite

    Bound gay fuckslave GAy slave takes foot torture

    Twink tortured until cum

    June 30, 2010 by  
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    Twink into cock and ball torture

    This bdsm loving twink gets tied so that his huge cock and balls are at the mercy of his gay BDSM Master. The horny fettish twink is waiting to have his cock tortured, but today his Master has other ideas. The Dom slowly leans down and begins to tease that big beefy cock until this twink is raising and lowing his pelvis trying to get him to stock that cock in deep long strokes so that he can shoot his load. But that isn`t happening – The cute twink is being teased until he screams out his need to cum. Then this horny gay slave might be allowed to explode a jizz load. I´ve posted the Gay BDSM Tube clip here, hope you like tortured twinks…

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    Twink into bdsm and fetish Painfull twink torment Twink gets tortured

    Gay Machine Sex in Full Bondage

    June 29, 2010 by  
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    Gay ass fucked with fuckingachine

    Gay fuckslave Patrick returns for more machines. He takes the Fucksall with his hands tied behind his back. Patrick can not help it and blows his load right off the bat. But it’s not over yet. The Intruder machine plows his juicy ass with a real fat dildo. Going for more hard punishment, the Dragon machine fucks the cum right out of him while he’s in full bondage. I love his asshole, should be better fucked by me ;-)

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    Bound gay fucked with fuckingmachine Make a gay cum using a fuckmachine

    Gay Wax Torture

    June 28, 2010 by  
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    Gay slave as to take a wax torment

    As this poor fetish slave is about to learn, hot wax can be very painful! The Slave is laid and strapped to a chair to keep his legs from moving and he is immobile. The gay boy is scared, and he should be as four tea light votives are placed on his legs. When those votives get lit this poor gay slut is lit up with pain. He hasn’t suffered this much at someone else`s hands in quite a long time. He can`t help, but let out a deep moan as the slow burning sensation creeps through his body and makes him wince in pain. The best part is where the gay foot fetish slave gets his feet tortured with hot wax. Here is the free Gay Foot Fetish Tube clip


    Gay foot fetish slave gets his feet tortured with hot wax Gay boy´s ass and legs tortured with hot wax

    Gay dom fucks slave´s ass

    June 28, 2010 by  
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    Gay leather clad byo gets fucked and tied up

    This weekend leather and BDSM convention is happening in a hotel. Fuckable Leather men are everywhere. BDSM Slave Trent spots his Master and quietly walks to his room. Dom Spencer likes what he sees and follows. Hearts are beating fast. Adrenaline is rushing as the leather master pushes Trent on the bed and takes off his leather. Spencer puts his boy in hard leather bondage and eats his sweet ass. Great gay asslicking scene! When Trent warms up, Spencer uses electricity on Trent’s cock, thighs and fuckhole. Trent squirms in full leather bondage. He screams as he gets fucked while completely tied up. Spencer controls Trent’s orgasm until it gets out of hand, and the slave showers his load all over the hotel room. Watch the GAY BDSM TUBE clip for free.


    Gay Boy tortured with electro butt-plug and more A Gay dom fucks his slaves asshole Master shoves asshook in slaves ass

    Deap Submission – Live Gay BDSM Shoot

    June 25, 2010 by  
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    Master forces a gay slave to suck a huge cock

    Ever since the gay bdsm slave Dylan attended our sm and bondage party on the Upper Floor, there have been many requests for him. He’s a true sub and he loves to be tortured and fucked, but he’s not perfect. He’s never been formally trained as a bdsm or fetish slave, and like some, he has this nervous grin on his pretty face. Gay Master Brenn and I put him through the wringer with the help of our members in the bdsm chat. There’s the cattle prod. The SM slave Dylan whimpers and says, “Thank you, Sir. May I have another one?” At first, he struggles with Master Brenn’s huge cock up his tight asshole. Then, he is in ecstasy getting fucked the second time, while he’s suspended in strict bondage. He’s a happy gay bdsm boy with cum all over his beautiful face. Here you can watch the free Gay BDSM Tube Clip, have fun…


    Crams a steel ass hook in the ass of his gay slave EXtreme gay bondage gay slave locked

    Gay cock torture